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Everything was easier when I was single. I didn’t have nobody to claim me as their, I didn’t have ppl coming out the woodworks wanting to admit their feelings to me then. It’s only been a month & shit is rapidly piling. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. One thing I’ve noticed about my pride is that, I’m very independent. I tackle my problems on my own, though I may need some guidance from friends. It seems like that’s getting in the way of everything. In addition to that, I block ppl out for a reason. Ppl might see it as being a bitch, but I see it as protecting myself from hurt. Sadly, my heart aches and as much as I wanna go to sleep RN bc I’m tired I just can’t


"I read the book before I watched the movie"


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When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


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I had Rock Camp this week and it was soooo amazing. Our showcase was earlier, My band and I killed it

Just finished my online classes for college. Lord knows I hate fractions :”(