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I’ve been out the loop lately… Who baby is that?


I’m feeling unexplainable right now. I’m feeling empty, yet I’m feeling halfway full. I’m currently in pain (mother nature’s fault). My thoughts are all over the place; as always. I’m also not in the mood to talk or chat with anyone, so I refuse to display how I’m feeling.

And the reason why I feel unexplainable is because I feel like I should be a little upset but oddly I’m not. I feel immune to this feeling; and it worries me. I feel careless. My motto fits how I feel, “I’ll get over it | It is what it is”.

Because of how I feel, imma fall back on a few ppl for a little while. No, I won’t give a warning, and no I won’t give in.

I’m also stubborn as hell, so I won’t know how long I’ll keep this shit up; but as I said it before ‘It is what it is’. As for right now, imma continue to fall back and see what happens.

Prod looking sexy, bruh πŸ˜πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
I still wanna meet him. I’ll forever be Team Prod.